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Clavicle fracture
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Clavicle fracture

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1. overview

1. Clavicle fractures are one of the most common, accounting for 2.6%-12% of all fractures and 44%-66% of shoulder fractures.

2. Midcourse fractures account for 80% of all clavicle fractures, while internal 1/3 and external 1/3 fractures account for 5% and 15% of clavicle fractures, respectively.

3. About 9% of clavicle fractures are associated with other fractures.

4. 1/3 of the clavicle protects the deep brachial plexus nerve, subclavian vein, axillary vein, apex of lung and other important organs. Fracture of this part can be associated with brachial plexus injury and other serious complications.


2. Damage mechanism

1. Direct violence: The clavicle is located under the skin and lacks soft tissue protection. Most fractures are caused by direct violence.



2. Indirect violence: Only 6% of fractures are caused by the stress transmission along the upper limb when the upper limb is straight and falls directly to the floor.



3. Fractures caused by other causes: Such cases are relatively rare, such as muscle spasm secondary to epileptic seizures, non-traumatic fractures and stress fatigue fractures.



1. Typical signs: the head is tilted to the affected side, the affected limb is adducted, and the healthy hand supports the affected forearm.

2. Check for tachypnea and weakened breath sounds. Weakened breath sounds often indicate lung tip injury and pneumothorax, which should be treated immediately.

3. Check skin integrity (except for open fractures). If the proximal protrusion of the fracture pushes up the local skin, potentially exposing it, surgery is recommended.

4. Measure the length of the clavicle on the affected side: from the sternoclavicular joint to the acromioclavicular joint, compared with the healthy side.

5. Check the function of nerves and blood vessels: Once found with nerve and blood vessel injury, surgery as soon as possible.


4.Surgical treatment and corresponding products


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