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Education and training
Conduct health education lectures
Contents of lectures on health education knowledge 1. How to treat gas poisoning first aid? ① Open the doors and windows immediately, and quickly move the poisoned person to a place with fresh air, but pay attention to keep warm; Those who are heavier and have fallen into a coma should be sent to hospital for emergency treatment. Second, how to deal with electric shock first aid? ① Quickly cut off the power supply, when the electric switch cannot be found in the field, use dry insulating rods and bamboo poles to pick up the wires; ② Quickly check the breathing and heartbeat of the electric shock, rescue in situ, and perform artificial respiration and chest in time. Cardiac massage; ③ Call a doctor immediately, or rush to the hospital without interrupting the rescue
Strengthen Mental Health Education and Improve Students' Psychological Quality
The implementation of quality education is to enable the educated to develop harmoniously in terms of physical, psychological, and social and cultural qualities, and to develop in an all-round way in moral, intellectual, and physical aspects. This education is based on the healthy development of the body and mind of the educated and the formation of a sound personality as the
Pay attention to nutrition and care for bone health
People rely on food as food. Food is the material basis for human survival and development. Humans need food to provide energy and various nutrients to maintain their physiological and living needs and ensure human health. With the improvement of people's living standards, people can choose more types of food, but people's eating habits have changed, and some modern diseases have become increasingly prominent. This food nutrition and bone health knowledge training provides a comprehensive explanation of the relationship between food nutrition and bone health and related nutrition and health knowledge.
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